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Diode Size Differentiation

January 13, 2016
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When comparing quotes between companies, prospective buyers must pay attention to what diode sizes are being offered so as to avoid getting ripped off by companies who utilize smaller diodes to prey on unsuspecting buyers.

Company A offers P10 @ $4,450/SQM while Company B offers P10 @ $4,350/SQM. At face value, one might think Company B’s P10 for $100/SQM less is the better deal, however for example, Company A might be using SMD5050 while Company B might be using SMD3528 (a significantly smaller/dimmer diode).

Each SMD5050 diode has 25mm² of surface area while SMD3528 has 9.8mm² (less than half). If you were to purchase the SMD3528 display from Company B, you would be saving $100/SQM but getting less than half of actual LED surface area (not to mention significantly less brightness with the smaller/weaker diodes), as illustrated in the feature image above.


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