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15 DEC

How To Choose The Right LED Display

December 15, 2015
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If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the market for a new LED display and perhaps uncertain how to choose the right one.
As the decision maker, it is important that they understand a few key factors when obtaining quotes from different companies;

A) Pixel Pitch: The distance between the center of each diode/pixel and the next. The lower the ‘P’ the sharper the picture. For example, we typically recommend P10 or lower for outdoor and P6 or lower for indoor. Click here to see why Pixel Pitch is so important.

B) Diode Size: Although you may be getting various quotes for a P10 display for example, be sure to pay close attention to the diode size each company is offering (e.g. SMD3528, SMD3535, SMD5050, etc) as some companies may quote a lower price but use a substantially smaller/cheaper diode, leaving you with a dim/fuzzy display. Click here to see why Diode Size is so important.

C) Quality: Almost every company will tell you how they have the “best quality display” (similar to car manufacturers), however, in reality they all suffer from various faults from time to time. Choose the product that will offer the best performance at the lowest cost over the lifespan of the display — not simply initial outlay!

D) Type: Perhaps the simplest factor; Outdoor displays are recommended if directly exposed to rain/elements, Indoor displays for within buildings, Semi-Outdoor is typically for outdoor situations where the display will not be directly exposed to rain/elements.

E) Software: Most competitors typically resell an off-the-shelf software package. Some platforms are fine for basic use, others can be troublesome. Several can get quite costly (over $1,000/year per license). We recommend Adverpost, a platform we co-developed that has all the typical features one would expect for managing an LED display as well as special patented features none of the other platforms have — at a lower price!

F) Server: There are many options but generally one “best solution” for your specific needs. These can range from $1,000 to $10,000. Avoid letting companies unnecessarily up-sell more expensive servers when they offer no real additional value.

G) Display Size: This you probably already know or have a close figure in mind. However, LED displays are generally only available in standard sizes that are a multiple of the standard module size (e.g. 96MM x 96MM or 160MM x 160MM tiles).

H) Price: Arguably the most important factor when considering the lifespan of a display. Company A might quote $20,000 for a display that Company B quotes $25,000 (of course we have a best price guarantee and would be Company A in this example) — beware of company C quoting $18,000 and offering either a lower pixel pitch, single or tricolour [not full colour], smaller diodes, inferior electrical components, underrated power supplies, lack of support, and/or a combination of these factors. When we say best price guarantee, we mean like-for-like — we can still beat the $18,000 quote while offering equal or superior specification 🙂

We hope that this brief summary has helped offer additional insight to your decision making process. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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